‘How to service your customers better through digital transformation’.

Book your limited, free roundtable with Flow Pilots’s CEO and ICT Woman of The Year, Dewi Van De Vyver.

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On the 12th , 19th and 24th of November, Dewi Van De Vyver invites you for a limited number of open conversations to uncover how technology and digitalisation can help you service your customers better, both internally and externally.

Through conversation and asking specific questions, Dewi will pinpoint what you can do to service your end-users better through digitalisation.

Foto: Katrijn Van Giel

What are the benefits of this roundtable?

  • Discover the specific growth opportunities for your company in servicing your clients and end-users
  • Get free advice from a well experienced professional
  • Unlock new insights on how to service your clients
  • Make the life of your clients and end-users easier and more pleasant

This roundtable edition is for you if:

  • You want to use digitalisation and technology to enhance your product or service
  • You want a future-proof way of working
  • You know digitalisation is important but don’t know how to make smart use of it
  • You are a middle-to-large company
  • You are interested and ready to make a digital change

Make your appointment via: for one of the available dates: 12, 19, 24 November.