Your presentation, one app away

Crowdbeamer is a digital presentation system developed by Roryco, a Belgian startup located in Edegem. They wanted to bring something to the table that would solve the difficulties of the traditional exchange of information during meetings. 

The presentation system needed a mobile app to go along with . This is where Flow Pilots came into the picture. In collaboration with Roryco we built a tool that would support the process of transferring presentations to personal devices. Something that would empower both presenters and their audience. A unique system that brings the benefits of real-time presentation anywhere the user wants, including laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Crowdbeamer app

The app allows users to broadcast the presentation on any personal device of choice anywhere they are. That means no more low quality projector view or missing important information. Besides the excellent quality and real time digital projection, it also enables users to save any screen content, add notes or attach tags. This way they will never lose important information, and have the possibility of sharing their thoughts with others.

The challenge was to stream the same video content to different devices and platforms. Each platform needed a different approach to get the same result. The process was challenging yet very instructive. We used Gstreamer to link a wide variety of media processing systems and export them to all the different devices. 

It was one of the first apps we worked on that would be used on that many platforms, so it required technical precision and a lot of testing. 

The app has already been used by companies, schools and at conferences. 

  • Free app for iOS, Android, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and macOS
  • Enrich the presentation with personal information
  • Build your private Crowdbeamer libary 
  • Quality of view 
  • Have acces to valuable content anywhere you are 

Crowdbeamer website :