The name Mylène has been inextricably bound up with cosmetics homeparties for 50 years. Even in times of overfull diaries and busy social lives, the Mylène homeparties continue to do well. The concept has always been simple and efficient: a Mylène consultant presents the Mylène Beauty or Home products at your home and you and your friends get the opportunity to try everything out. It is experience marketing avant-la-lettre.

But after 50 years, the company itself was due for a make-over. After a management buy-out in 2015, the company took the future head-on with new product lines, a complete rebranding and a bold move towards digitization. The focus of this change where the consultants: the people who have made Mylène successful for the past 50 years.

Flow Pilots created a digital application to facilitate the life of the consultants. In the past, the administrative effort of a home party was quite tall: preparations beforehand, jotting down and calculating all the orders manually during the party, data entry into the ordering system late at night.

The new digital Mylène app removes all the hassle from this process. She can plan parties and invite people from within the app. It automatically retrieves known customers to avoid administrative overhead and data duplication.

At the end of a party, there is always an awkward moment, when everyone gets ready to head home, but has to queue and wait for the consultant to write down their order. The Mylène app facilitates the ordering and payment process and brings the waiting time down by more than 50%! More importantly, it also sends the order down to headquarters immediately (or later, when in offline mode), freeing up valuable personal time for the consultant at the end of a home part night.

The digital tools provided by Flow Pilots allow the consultant to focus on what matters most: the customers, the products and the Mylène experience!