With 3 million clients and about 6000 employees, AXA Bank Belgium is a medium-sized bank in Belgium. At the end of 2012, they were looking for a professional partner for their mobile banking apps. The key requirements were very clear: they expected focus on usability and security in the app; quick turnaround time and professional support from their partner.

A professional Partner

Due to the bank’s fixed release schedules, the timing and deadlines for this application were set in stone. A very close collaboration between the Flow Pilots and AXA development teams ensured we delivered the app for both iOS and Android on time and on budget.

Flow Pilots is also responsible for service and support of the application. The service desk is governed by very strict service levels, especially for issues where user data or financial information is involved.

Meanwhile, there are more than 50.000 active users of the phone applications and the recently launched tablet versions went to more than 10.000 users in just a month.

The mobile banking project is not a one-off, but has been a continued collaboration between Flow Pilots and AXA for over three years.


The mobile banking application connects via a web service layer with the underlying AXA banking systems. The customer, in collaboration with Flow Pilots, customized and optimized the existing service layer for use with mobile applications. Communications security, atomicity of transactions and clear and effective error handling are central here.

For a mobile banking application, security is of course paramount. Flow Pilots integrated high-end security components to protect user data on the device and in transit. Strong authentication makes the application at least as secure as AXA web banking.

Like almost all Flow Pilots applications, the multi-platform strategy of AXA is based on the Xamarin framework. As a result, we share 60% of the source code between different apps. The result is a set of high-quality, native applications with a significantly lower total cost of ownership.