The Antwerp Museum App is your trusted companion in and outside of Antwerp’s museums.

Antwerp is a real treat for museum lovers. There’s an abundance of art and history to explore. The Antwerp Museum App is a fantastic upgrade of your visit to Antwerp’s museums. It is loaded with exclusive content and curated tours.

All the Antwerp museums are inside one app! It contains loads of photography, video and audio combined with games and fun activities for children.

The app features several tours that guide you through the rich art and museum collections in the city. You will meet Peter Paul Rubens in his home at the centre of Antwerp or have the authors Rachida Lamrabet, Kristien Hemmerechts or Tom Naegels guide you through the House of Literature. New tours are added regularly so there is always something new to explore.

The Antwerp Museum App is available in Dutch, English, French and German.

Content management system

Next to the apps and website ( Flow Pilots created a complete drupal based cms via which the city of Antwerp can add edit and remove all data in the app, including an extensive user management to protect data from the individual museums.

Users are notified via push notifications that new content is available in the app and their feedback on tours and museums is nicely presented for direct processing.

Spin-off projects

As a side project, Flow Pilots also created an app for the museum Mayer Van den Bergh with the name “Divine Interiors” and is in the course of developing the app for the Vleeshuis Museum to replace the outdated audio tours.

In a future version, Flow Pilots will include beacons in the apps for automated tours.