My Color Passport (MCP) is a worldwide patented color matching tool and a digital personal color coach for consumers. It is the ideal personal color guide for dressing or shopping. The MCP concept starts with a personal color analysis defining a unique color profile for each individual, after which they receive their actual physical color passport.

My Color Passport app

Flow Pilots created a very personal app based on the MCP concept. We carefully designed both apps for consultants and consumers.

The consultant app is a tool used by color specialists in shops, boutiques, etc… and which guides the consumer through a list of questions to determine their color profile. At the end of the session, the consumer receives a physical My Color Passport and a password to get access to the consumer app.

The consumer app is a versatile tool that allows shoppers to check their personal profile and verify what colors go well on them. Furthermore, they can scan a color via the smartphone camera and immediately see a list matching colors. This way MCP reduces mispurchases and is a great help when you have to choose what to wear and combine colors. But more important it makes people feel much more self-assured and happy with how they look!

A professional partner

At Color Passport it is all about the colors. That is why they looked for a partner that could take the IT completely out of their hand. Flow Pilots not just developed both apps, we also provided a website version of the consumer app and a backend to manage the entire system.

The backend system allows users to log in to the app and collect their personal profile that was initially created via the consultant app. The backend also allows Color Passport to manage the color system, like seasonal updates, and get access to commercially useful user customer data