Senior Backend Developer

Job description

Flow Pilots keeps climbing to higher altitudes and we are looking for people to join the crew.

We’re looking for an experienced back-end developer to join our team. Flow Pilots creates high-quality digital solutions for enterprise customers such as AXA, NMBS, SD Worx and Digipolis. You’ll be part of an amazing team of project managers, designers and developers; all focused on creating amazing digital solutions for our customers. We crave your knowledge and experience, but you’ll also learn from the best. As a senior back-end developer you make sure that the software we deliver looks smashing, works like a charm and makes us proud!

What we ask of you

1. Make sure that we design what you can build
  • Collaborate between design and development to make sure that the designs are within the realm of (practical) feasibility.
  • Respond to questions from sales and project management during the sales phase to estimate the complexity of a project or development.
  • Required knowledge of dotnet core, web api, REST, mvc, sql server
  • Optional knowledge: azure and postgresql
2. Build killer applications
  • Write RESTful web api’s for web and mobile applications with cutting edge technology
  • Make sure the back-ends you develop are secure, professional, functional and respect the specification.
  • Use cutting edge technology (C#, dotnet Core)
  • Have a desire to make the user’s life easier or better
3. Deliver what you promise
  • Collaborate with the project manager who is in charge of the project to manage the backlog and sprint planning
  • Will notify the PM if something goes wrong or something takes longer (or shorter) than expected. There’s no sweeping things under the rug.
  • Use our tools rigorously (Atlassian stack) to track project status and report back to the team
4. Learn!
  • Take on assignments outside of you comfort zone.
  • Read and learn to stay on top of technological evolutions.
  • Report back to the team what you’ve learned and how it can benefit our customers.


Candidate profile

  • You have a relevant degree!

    • Bachelor, Master or engineering degree in computer sciences or related fields
    • dotnet Core, C#

  • You have the right references and live in Belgium!

    • You have a portfolio of great apps we can look at, or some source-code that speaks for itself.
    • You take of ownership and have the ability to inspire and lead your colleagues.

  • You are eager and willing to work

    • We are a young company and growing fast. Right now, we need pilots, not passengers!

  • You have some kind of wacky quirk, like a love for lolcats

    • Don't let your memes be dreams
    • foobar

  • You are eloquent and polyglot

    • You can write a decently legible document or sum up a couple requirements.
    • You speak at least Dutch and English

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