Front-End Developer

Job description

Flow Pilots keeps climbing to higher altitudes and we are looking for a Front-End Developer to join our crew.

Flow Pilots creates high-quality digital solutions for enterprise customers such as NMBS, PwC, Soudal, Easymatch, Cipal Schaubroeck and Stad Antwerpen, You’ll be part of an amazing team of consultants, designers and developers; all focused on creating amazing mobile solutions for our customers. As a front-end developer you make sure that the software we deliver looks smashing, works like a charm and makes us proud!

What we ask of you

1. Make sure that we design what you can build

  • Collaborate between design and development to make sure that the designs are within the realm of (practical) feasibility.
  • Respond to questions from sales and project management during the sales phase to estimate the complexity of a project or development.

2. Build killer applications

  • Make sure the front-ends you develop are professional, functional and respect the design and specification.
  • You can write interfaces for responsive web applications with cutting edge technologies. Using technologies like Angular, Node.JS,
  • Have experience with Redux, reactive programming and Progressive Web Apps.
  • Not afraid to try new technologies and able to keep up with the fast pace of web.
  • Getting connected via REST and sockets feels normal to you.
  • You feel at home in tools like Visual Studio Code, GIT and Docker.
  • Have a desire to make the user’s life easier or better.

3. Deliver what you promise

  • Collaborate with your Front End Dev Colleague and the project manager who is in charge of the project to manage the backlog and sprint planning
  • Will notify the PM if something goes wrong or something takes longer (or shorter) than expected. There’s no sweeping things under the rug.
  • Use our tools rigorously (Jira, Greenhopper, Confluence) to track project status and report back to the team.

4. Learn!

  • Take on assignments outside of you comfort zone.
  • Read and learn to stay on top of technological evolutions.
  • Report back to the team what you’ve learned and how it can benefit our customers.

Sure, but you’re based in the centre of Antwerp

True, from the 10th floor of the President Building (300m from Antwerp Central Station) you have a magnificent view over the city. Antwerp is a hub of activity for startups, large corporates and innovative government.

But if you’re not from around, Flow Pilots has a flexible work policy where the result of your work is more important than the time and location where it’s done. We won’t send you to the centre of Brussels every day for six months. You’ll work at home when you want, at the office when needed and at the beach when possible. Some of the current crew live in Oudenaarde, Ghent, Beerse, Geel or Brussels and combine a job at Flow Pilots with a happy family life.

Sounds too good to be true

It does, doesn’t it? But don’t take our word for it: go to the team page and contact anyone of our crew to ask them about life at Flow Pilots.

Allright, I’m in!

Woah, woah, hold on tiger (or tigress). We don’t just hire anyone. We want to cultivate a culture of knowledge, team spirit and expertise.

So if you want to join the team, drop us your resume and a piece of code your proud of. Or you can pop by for a coffee, with your code and chat about the fragmentation of it.

Candidate profile

  • You are eloquent and polyglot

    • You can write a decently legible document or sum up a couple requirements.
    • You speak at least (a little) Dutch and English

  • You have the right skills and attitude

    • You are passionate about customer satisfaction and mobile (in that order)
    • You have experience in developing Android or iOS applications and are eager to learn at least a second platform.
    • We develop mainly in C# using Xamarin and we’ll train you if you don’t know it.

  • You assume responsibility and deliver on your promises

    • You do what needs to be done to get happy customers.
    • You’re not obliged to work from the office; so we need to be able to count on you and trust you to get things done!

  • You are eager and willing to work

    • We are a young company and growing fast. Right now, we need pilots, not passengers!

  • You have the right references

    • Professional or non-professional experience, degrees,…; we don’t care as long as you can show that you are the right person to build our mobile projects.
    • You have a portfolio of a few apps we can look at, or some source-code that speaks for itself.

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