The best way to create real, lasting value is to make people the central focus of organizations and society as a whole. Sodexo looks at the quality of life as a decisive yet largely unexplored factor governing individual and collective performance.

As such, Quality of Life is the common denominator in all of Sodexo’s services. They provide innovative responses to ease daily life or designing customized tools to recognize hard work and accomplishments.

Sodexo4You app

The top priority of any company is, or should be, their human capital. Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Belgium invents and develops motivational solutions tailored to their customers’ needs. 2 of these solutions are electronic meal vouchers (Sodexo Card®) and eco vouchers (Eco Pass®).

The Sodexo4You mobile app helps users to keep track of their Sodexo Card® and Eco Pass® account(s):

  • Check the current total available balance of electronic meal vouchers
  • Consult the e-Eco Pass balance and transactions
  • Add additional Sodexo4You accounts, so users can have an overview in one single app of the available card balance of family members
  • Keep track of the most recent deposits, transactions and expiration dates electronic meal and eco vouchers
  • Find and locate merchants nearby with the help of maps to see where the electronic vouchers can be spent.
  • Receive immediate access to the Consumer Service of Sodexo and to the Card Stop Service

The application is available in English, Dutch, French & German.

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BNP Paribas Fortis Feedback Application

As in any other large enterprise, the annual performance review at BNP Paribas Fortis is a ritual in which employees and their line management describe in a predefined Word document their strengths and weaknesses, reflect on the past year and write down how they see their future in the organization. Ideally both parties have documented their milestones of the past year, but in most cases the review in December is reduced to a look back at November.

In this perspective BNP Paribas Fortis (BNPPF) launched a Feedback Application to create a continuous process of performance review, a process that resides permanently in the mind of all employees. It converts the traditional once-a- year hierarchical review to a continuous and stimulating peer-reviewed system.

This application offers to all BNPPF staff a powerful tool that assists them in their professional and personal development. Through this responsive web application, they can ask for their colleague’s feedback, set objectives, plan actions and reflect upon all of this in a spontaneous way. It is presented in an attractive and user-friendly design within the guidelines set out by BNPPF.

Microsoft Azure Cloud platform

The Feedback Application is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, a very conscious choice by Flow Pilots and BNPPF. By using Azure for this SaaS solution, we extend the flexibility of the application into the technical infrastructure. Azure does not only allow for an elastic use of capacity (for example, quick upgrades in times of high usage), but makes it also possible to easily and securely connect to internal BNP systems, such as Active Directory for user management.

The future 

The BNPPF HR department launched the Feedback Application in Belgium by the end of 2015. At the moment of writing this text it is too early to present actual results but everybody is convinced it is going to be a success story. This conviction is reflected in a long term vision and roadmap, and a roll-out in other European countries. (to be continued)

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