Buck-e is an online reward system that stimulates children and their parents to choose an active, healthy and ecological way to go to school. 

Children of participating schools receive an RFID-tag which they can attach to their bicycle or backpack. When they pass the RFID-scanner at school, an activity is registered and a certain amount of points will appear on an online account.

These points get transferred into a certain amount of virtual coins, called bucks, which the participants can spend with a card with a specific barcode.  These bucks can be used at local shops, fairs, events etc, boosting the local economy of your neighbourhood.

We provide an easy to use dashboard for parents to keep track of the earned bucks of their children, and an app for merchants to collect the virtual coins. 

Local authorities and schools participating in the program also receive access to an online platform, displaying some interesting statistics about the project: how many kilometres have been done by the children and the amount of fuel use and CO2 spread that has been avoided.  

Buck-e’s total package includes the hardware, software and logistics services to service the authorities and schools. In addition to the technical expertise of Flow Pilots, The Studio (by Belfius) supplies the bank licence and the blockchain platform to be in line with e-money legislation.

We covered a variety of aspects throughout the development of Buck-e. 

Flow Pilots delivers all the required hardware (RFID-readers, RFID-tags and payment card with a barcode) and software (online dashboard for governments and schools with statistics, online dashboard for parents on which they can track their children’s progress and an iOS and Android application for merchants on which they can receive the bucks).

For the financial aspect of Buck-e we incorporated blockchain to process the financial transactions. 

The roll-out of the project is also entirely taken care of. We provide advice on where to place the material (RFID-scanner), install the scanner, we deliver all the required items (payment cards, RFID-tags, a manual), provide follow-up for service and material and manage a service desk for questions of parents. 

Buck-e is a project of tangible impact, creating an active and healthy lifestyle for children, diminishing CO2 emissions, reducing traffic around schools, supporting local business owners and teaching children how to save up and the basics of economics. For now, the project is enrolled in 25 schools in 5 different cities, even one company has incorporated Buck-e to facilitate their bicycle fees, and many more enrollments are planned for the future.

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