Make the energy flow, 100% online

This energy supplier runs everything online. So they needed a website totally ready for hits. Flow Pilots made sure the architecture was solid, inside and out.

In times of skyrocketing energy prices, a newcomer like stands out. Thanks to their competitive prices, sure, but especially because of their plain honesty, transparency and a website that connects smoothly with outside referrals. They run 100% online and trusted Flow Pilots to pave the way.

Transparency goes a long way

Even a quick glance at the website will show you what is all about. Lower prices, green energy, transparency — and no nonsense whatsoever. The online company does not invest in offices or fancy marketing campaigns with pictures of happy families (who are in reality paying double or triple prices for gas and electricity).

Instead of a labyrinth of options, only offers one product with a clear breakdown of where your money goes to. In addition, they stand by their promise not to change profit margins after one year, as many other companies do. But however beautiful this story may be, they were largely invisible as long as they did not have a website that, apart from standing out in clear communication, was well-connected to price comparison websites. 

Flow Pilots made that urgent connection, fast. Briefing on Monday, live on Friday: check. To ensure better conversion, the data that is entered in the referral site also appears on when clients actually want to convert. Nobody likes to enter names and numbers twice. 

The numbers speak: 300.000 hits in the first 6 months and 4 times the conversion rate that was hoping for.

Plug in for the results

The result? A quick rise in clients, once all the connections were solidly established. Customers could even upload an invoice from their current supplier and thanks to Flow Pilots’ integration, would calculate the price difference from a digital scan

When prices for gas and electricity started to double and even triple in November 2021, push really came to shove. A major Flemish energy company went bankrupt and people needed to switch suppliers. When tens of thousands of visitors suddenly visited’s site, Flow Pilots’ smooth referral and onboarding proved its worth. 

Some numbers? Six months after the website was launched, registered 300.000 sessions. They were aiming for 20.000 price simulations but got 70.000. And instead of the hoped-for 1% in client conversion, they got 4%. Thanks to their transparency and Flow Pilots’ smooth integrations, is a newcomer in the energy market that the biggest players now enviously watch.


  • Frontend: Angular
  • CMS: Strapi
  • Backend: .NET Core
  • Overall: Azure, MySQL, Terraform