Tip of the week : Blinkist January 21, 2019

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Every week during our friday team meeting we share a tip of the week at Flow Pilots. Sharing is caring so we would love to share our most valuable tips with you. 

The Wikipedia for nonfiction books

For those who don’t have much time left in between their busy schedule and still want to absorb as much as possible out of an interesting book, there is now a mobile solution. 

With the Blinkist app you can choose from 2000 nonfiction books and get a 15 minutes summary of all the essential information in it.

That’s why it’s called Blinkist, every page is a blink of a few pages together. Although it’s not for everyone, some people just want to get a brief overiew and spend their free time on other things. 

If you want to be even quicker, there is a autoplay feature that let’s you listen to your whole libary of books. So you can educate yourself on certain topics while doing your daily routine. 

The app is designed to be used on smartphones. So it’s very user friendly and easy to figure out. 

Link : https://www.blinkist.com/

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