“The goal of this digital transformation is to establish a frictionless experience for our customers”, Anneleen Vens of Renson July 2, 2020

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We interviewed Anneleen Vens, head of digital transformation at Renson about what Renson does, how they use digitalisation to enhance their business and why they partner with, amongst others, Flow Pilots to assist and guide them through this digital transformation. 


How important is digitalisation for Renson and how does this translate in your products? 

We started an exercise in 2015 and asked ourselves: ‘what is the added value that connected products can bring to our ‘creating healthy spaces’ story at Renson?’

We realized that connectivity could add value to product development and contribute to the innovation of our company in general. We want to use connectivity to enhance our customer service and how our customers use our products. 

It’s not only important to build useful products that enhance people’s life quality, we realise it’s almost equally important to inform our end-users about the system they have in their homes, companies etc, show them useful information and provide ways to control their Renson systems. So gradually we started transforming and improving our systems and digital services. 

We started this digital transformation journey with one of our products, the Healthbox, a central extract ventilation system that regulates the air flow rate per living area. Our Healthbox 2 already had some digital features, but these were limited and for B2B purposes only. For our Healthbox 3.0 version, we wanted to improve the customer journey for both B2B and B2C stakeholders.


What was the reaction to the beginning of this digital transformation? 

We continue to receive a lot of positive feedback on the Healthbox 3.0 on B2B client events. In general, you can divide this feedback into two categories: 

To begin with, it’s an immense improvement for our installers. They are able to execute up to four times more installations per day thanks to the tools that are offered with the Healthbox 3.0. 

Secondly, with regards to smart home, our installers are very happy with the fact that Renson offers her data for connection with other systems, and didn’t choose a ‘closed’ solution. 

When the Healthbox 3.0 project and the bigger digital transformation ambitions of Renson are introduced to third parties, the reactions are almost always similarly positive. Our plans are seen as an ambitious project and journey, it shows that Renson knows where she’s heading and what she wants to stand for in the future. 

We also receive positive feedback on the way Renson handles things: we’re not going for the ‘big bang’, but transform our process and products step by step. 


How do you see Renson evolving digitally in the future?  

We see two important evolutions for Renson. 

First, besides our products, we also want to transform our tools and processes that facilitate our ‘creating healthy spaces’ story. We aim to maximize the ease of doing business with Renson, facilitated by state of the art digital technology. This is the next step for Renson in our digital transformation. Yet again our clients will experience how we turn technology into added value.

The goal is to obtain a smooth flow and synergy between the different tools and processes in our business and create the ultimate experience, from order to payment, from purchase to sale. Establishing a frictionless experience for our customers. Starting from the very first moment they consider our products, until the moment a product is being installed and used in their home or workspace. 

In order to obtain this flow, it’s key to seamlessly integrate our tooling into our business processes. From marketing to order, to payment, to aftercare. All the separate units have to be connected harmoniously. 

Secondly, we are investigating how we can incorporate digital and circular services in our business model. We are convinced this is the ‘holy grail’ of digital transformation. By means of pilot cases, we are finding ways to make this work globally in the end.  


Why Flow Pilots?

We already worked with several other digitals partners, but there was always something missing. You need to find a good partner who gets your pain but also the company culture. You need to be able to connect and tell the same story. When talking to Dewi Van De Vyver we really felt that connection. We share a strong common focus: we start working from the customer’s point of view. A technical plus of working with Flow Pilots is that they work with Xamarin, and on top of that, the communication and completion of tasks are very swift. 

You know, technology is fun, but you also need to add real value. You want to create touchpoints with clients. The entire chain of your company has to be right. We can already feel the results of how these new digital touchpoints have added their value.   Before we didn’t have the contact with our clients the way we have now. The customer experience is key. This is the most important shared value with Flow Pilots and a reason why our collaboration works so well. We both want to create added value for our end customers through digitalisation.