The future of voting is mobile January 18, 2019

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Last year Digipolis Antwerp launched a challenge into the world of mobile development.

They had a vision to build an app that would be the start of something much bigger in the future.

A mobile app that would allow people to vote directly from their phones. Something that had to be user friendly, trustworthy and secure.

Flow Pilots felt the need to take on the challenge and give Digipolis and Stad Antwerpen exactly what they envisioned.

We sat down together, showed our working method and got green light to be a part of this amazing project.

It was a collaboration we took very seriously, precisely and planned out. A mutual understanding with the client to meet their needs but also show the value we could add to their idea.

Thanks to the open communication with Digipolis and our great team of developers, testers, designers, project and sales managers we succeeded in creating a software to make mobile voting possible.

It’s been already put into practice a few weeks ago by the city of council in Antwerp, you can read all about it in the article posted by Digipolis Antwerpen, see link below.

We are ready for new improvements, new ideas and a lot of amazing collaborations in 2019.


Article Digipolis : Antwerpse gemeenteraad stemt mobiel via nieuwe stem app


Copyright foto: Lynn Lodewyckx