New logo, New look for an evolved Flow Pilots! September 30, 2021

Image for New logo, New look for an evolved Flow Pilots!

Finding a new logo and style that matched our evolved identity was quite a challenge. A corporate identity is the face of your business and it really needs to be a perfect match. 

Throughout the past 10 years, a lot has changed, so it was more than time to extend this to our look!

The story of the propeller

Flow Pilots was founded in 2011 with a core focus and passion for business, tech and mobile development. Our first baseline: ‘we need an app’ is not a mobile strategy. 

There were two name options on the table: Flow Pilots and Electric Sheep. To be honest, the brand identity, company image and visual representation definitely didn’t have the highest priority at that time. We were just an eager bunch of entrepreneurs and developers that wanted to make a change in the digital scene. 

After our founders tied the knot on the name ‘Flow Pilots’ they created a logo that fitted the name… Our famous propeller!!  And so the aviation theme arose. 

With the upcoming of windmills and drones, the confusion was complete.

Why rebranding

As mentioned, our aviation-themed branding was never an elaborate entity. Sure, we had a logo but that was basically it. We hovered between some shades of blue and a few fonts, but we lacked a coherent brand identity or style guide we could consistently use. 

We evolved so much throughout the years. We started as almost solely a mobile development company and gained so much experience and expertise over the years. 

IT company Flow Pilots now develops digital solutions for manufacturing companies, governments, service companies and their end-users. We work closely with our customers to come up with the best solutions: user-friendly applications that do exactly what they are supposed to do and provide the necessary insights. 

Flow Pilots not only develops insightful applications but also optimises the processes behind them and enables integrations with other apps. Axa, Renson, Soudal and NMBS, as well as cities and municipalities, among others, call on Flow Pilots for their digital transformations. 

In November 2018 Dewi Van De Vyver became CEO of Flow Pilots. One of her focal points was getting a clear vision of the company’s identity and future strategy. 

Re-evaluate who we are, what we want to represent, where we want to go and what that looks like. We started with finding our why, learning what kind of team we were and searching for our unicorn customer. Hiring a Marketing Coordinator was definitely a high priority.

A bit later, Tara Reid started as our new Marketing Coordinator and started the process of shaping our identity. 

What’s in a name

So, where does Flow Pilots stand for?

The “Flow” of Flow Pilots stands for creativity and process-oriented work, to make it flow “Pilots” stands for leadership, experience, knowledge, trust and sharing a vision. Amidst all the new technologies and complex data, Flow Pilots is the pragmatic and flexible missing link. We create (no kamikaze solutions, but) effective, technology-independent solutions that make the experience of the end-users as good as possible.  

New logo for an evolved Flow Pilots 

When creating a new icon we looked back to the essence of our name and what we wanted to represent. 

Our new ‘icon’ is a light blue wave or flow. Representing our process, intuition and constant movement towards growth and optimisation. 

We also opted for a variety of vibrant colours in our scheme. ‘IT’ can be a very cold, hard and ‘male looking field. We were determined to change this and try to create a softer and more inclusive look. Creating a more diverse and inclusive STEM and IT sector is something our CEO Dewi Van De Vyver is strongly committed to.