MyTurn, a digital innovation by Flow Pilots to mitigate and facilitate the impact of Covid-19. July 23, 2020

Image for MyTurn, a digital innovation by Flow Pilots to mitigate and facilitate the impact of Covid-19.
When the first reporting of Covid-19 came in, we started a social mission as a team. ‘How can we help within our field of expertise?’ Looking into our personal world, we felt anxiety, not only for the current situation but also for when lockdown measurements would ease.
How will we be able to stay safe and organised when going to stores, residential care centres etc.?
After some brainstorm sessions, we created our voluntary project ‘MyTurn’.
A digital tool on which shops, care centres etc. can display how many people are allowed in their facility, how many people are currently visiting and on which moments during the week/day there are available timeslots you can reserve.
In addition to the website on which people can find shop information, participating businesses will have a digital display on the spot, informing individuals about the criteria above and what the capacity of the space is. People will know how long they will have to wait or can choose to book an available timeslot and come back on another moment.
MyTurn provides a separate platform for business owners and visitors/shoppers.
Business owners can create an online profile and fill in the capacity of their store, the permitted duration of visits, opening hours and some extra information on their products or service.  They will receive an overview of the reserved time slots. 
Private individuals will get an overview of the participating organisations. They can then search which facilities have a free spot at this moment if you want to do a quick shop, or what the available timeslots are for a specific store or care centre you want to visit. 

The system creates a better organisation for businesses and ensures a more optimal use of time for private individuals. They don’t have to wait in line because they can book in their shop moment. MyTurn contributes to the spread of people in public places, which reduces the chance of contamination. In addition, it will be easier for local authorities to check the compliance of the Covid-19 measurements. For the optimization of our website we would love to communicate with different partners, please reach out to us with any ideas or feedback. 

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