How we focus on people when building digital tools April 17, 2020

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Keeping your focus on people while building digital tools may sound a bit strange. For Flow Pilots it’s simply the way we work. Whether it’s in our research, communication while building your tool or our service after we finish a project, people come first.

Invest in getting to know the end-user

When clients reach out to us for help to build their digital service one of the most important things we do is re-evaluate their request.

  • Where did the need for this tool come from?
  • What is the problem you are trying to solve or facilitate?
  • Who are the people that will be using the application?
  • What is the end user’s main interest in working with the tool?
  • Did you already talk to the end-users

To come to these answers and really get in-depth insights into the sector we’re designing for and the needs of the end customer, we organise a workshop. During this workshop, everyone gets a say. This is important because sometimes a CEO might have an idea about an application for facilitating the team’s workflow, but hasn’t asked them how they will use the app,  what they need most, or what they think would work best.

The workshop creates a chance to perfect the goal a company is working towards and offers us the opportunity to calculate what we’re about to design and develop. If you really want to get to know a user’s need, you have put in the effort and really get to know them. 

Transparent communication in every step of the process

During the next step, developing the requested tool, we make sure our clients can track the entire process and progress.

We use ‘Wiki’ to document the different layers, aspects, features etc of the tool and use ‘Jira’ to create separate tasks in de developing process. This way our clients know exactly what we’re working on, how long certain tasks take and can give priority to specific tasks if needed.

The goal is to make sure our clients always fully understand what we’re doing and that our communication is very transparent.

Think future-proof & be easily accessible 

We’re not just looking for ‘one-time projects’. Even if the original request was building a certain tool, we always keep the digital future of our clients in mind. What does that look like for your sector?  What does the future of the tool we made look like? Are there any updates coming up that might affect how it works? These are questions we always ask and anticipate.

When we finish a project, we make sure we go through all the steps our clients need to know to be able to continue with the app.
Is there something that needs to be changed after a certain period of time? We make sure you know how the app is built so you can always adapt if needed. Of course, we remain as passionate as ever to help you with other projects or adaptations. We’re always just a phone call or e-mail away to help you out in any way possible, even after the completion of a project.

As digital transformation partners, it’s in our DNA to look for the best future-proof solutions for a business. This requires market expertise, an innovative mindset and an incredible passion for technology.

In the digital process, it’s important to stay connected with the people behind the project. These actions can make a big change in the development flow, both for designers as customers and leads to a great result and follow-up.