Five important things I learned during my internship at Flow Pilots May 2, 2019

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I was lucky to do a 3 months internship during my senior year of Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More. At first, it wasn’t easy to find a company that suited my needs, but Flow Pilots accepted me with open arms. I look back at it as an interesting period with new experiences that will definitely help me in my future career. 

The 5 things I learned are : 

The main reason why I wanted to do this internship was to sharpen my skill of choice, design. Whilst I also had the segment of ‘development’ in my field of study, my passion had always  been ‘design’. I was anxious to discover how it would feel to use my design skills in a real job. I wanted to find out what exactly would be expected of me and how a normal working day as a designer would look like. This internship gave me a clear vision on the sort of tasks I would need to do in this field.  I also learned plenty of extra skills, like working with sketch, different design styles, how to handle fonts etc. 

In the past 3 months I gained a lot of confidence in my work. I learned how to defend the way I worked out a design, while receiving feedback from my partners. In the beginning of my internship I didn’t ask for much feedback because I didn’t want to interrupt my colleagues. But slowly, I got to know them better and learned how to ask for their opinion more. I discovered that it’s definitely a better way of working; my designs have improved and I got to finalize them a lot faster. 

At Flow Pilots, I really got to see the importance of good and regular communication within the team. It’s totally different to the way you work at school, where you just try to finish your project within the deadline. Here, I learned how to meet and exceed the wishes of customers on a certain project through teamwork and clear communication. 

The first weeks it felt overwhelming to work on my own. I couldn’t always ask for feedback, as my mentor wasn’t always free to help, so I had to make my own decisions quite a lot. What also came as a suprise was how quiet an office environment is. At school everyone is talking, making jokes… Here at a work space it’s serious; everyone is working quietly and extremely focussed on the tasks they have to work out to meet the clients needs. 

It sounds pretty funny but PIE on friday is a holy thing at Flow Pilots. Every week, there is pie for all team members. And it is easy to see how something so basic, serves a greater cause; everyone is looking forward to fridays, it is an ideal moment to get together, talk with other team members and exchange ideas. To cut it short, PIE Friday creates a great team spirit.

We want to thank Brent Van Esbroeck for his hard work and dedication throughout the 8 weeks that he was a part of Flow Pilots. We wish him the best in his future endeavours. 

Also, we are always looking for new interns so if you’re interested to learn and grown as a developer, designer, office manager or you just know you’re made for Flow Pilots send us your motivation and resume to