Building digital tools for people anytime, anywhere! March 16, 2020

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A personal message from our CEO for our dear customers




Working remotely is in our DNA


Flow Pilots has always handled a flexible work atmosphere. Our team is used to working from home and fully equipped to deliver the best possible outcomes for your digital product.

To guarantee the safety of our team, others around us and to help flatten the curve, we have decided to close our Antwerp office and asked our team to work remotely fulltime until further notice. We will continue to work on your digital products as planned.


Digital communication is what we’re used to


Under normal circumstances we have a daily online meeting between our team members at the office and our colleagues working remotely. We will continue this procedure with everyone working from home to guarantee an optimal communication. Any meetings that were scheduled will be converted to an online meeting.


Because we value ‘cross-pollination’ between our team members very highly, we organize different daily online meet ups, so everyone can continue to learn from each other and our projects receive the best possible outcomes. For all other instant communication we use Slack.


Crisis turned into creativity


For every downside there’s an upside. These special and unique happenings forced us to think creatively, it gives us an opportunity to show you that we can remain strong, focused and deliver the best results even during more difficult times. Our Flow Pilots-problem solving mindset combined with our passion for creativity and technology got us excited and thinking of ways to contribute to society during this Covid-19 lockdown.

We are organizing and contributing to a variety of initiatives to help keep children, who are forced to stay at home in quarantine, occupied (and parents sane) via online educational videos.


Flow Pilots, making digital tools for people. Anytime, anywhere.


We will use this opportunity to get even stronger as a company and team, to continue to think outside the box and make the best digital solutions and products for you.

Anytime, anywhere.


Please contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help or clarify anything. 

We hope to see you soon, in the meantime: Stay safe and take care!