Business Goals

Nothing is more important than the actual business goals. These should be kept in mind all throughout the project. If not, it is all too easy to get distracted by nice-to-have features or fancy additions. If a feature doesn’t help the business goals in any direct or indirect matter, it is deemed irrelevant.

User Stories

User stories describe how an end-user will use the application. Site visits and a few user interviews are great input for this phase. Workshops with key stakeholders not only help us to clearly define the scope, but also give the customer more insight in mobile applications and mobile development projects as a whole.

Wireframing & design

Based on the user stories and the input from the proof-of-concept, we design mock-ups of the application. A mock-up (or wireframe) doesn’t have a graphic design yet, but details the application flow. It shows the information that should be presented on the screen, information that needs to be captured and the flow logic throughout the application.


Flow Pilots uses a scrum-based agile development methodology. The main advantage of this approach for the customer is that development passes through a number of iterations (typically 2 to 3 weeks per iteration). After each iteration we will deliver a fully functional version of the application, based on the scope that was defined for that sprint.

At the start of each sprint, we discuss the scope of the next iteration. This approach gives the customer the flexibility to steer the scope and development priorities during the project while keeping the budget under control.


This is an integral part of the application development cycle. Apps are tested internally on a number of reference configurations after which they are made available to the customer for end-user testing. Test users will be able to download the application easily through our package server, which allows the customer to keep the app in-house in a controlled environment.

During development and testing, we use Jira (our issue tracking system) for formal communications with the customer. Each issue, bug and change request is tracked there so that there can be no confusion on bug reports and development progress.


Our focus on enterprise mobility forces us to have a professional support organization. We have a second-line helpdesk that is by default available during extended business hours. The helpdesk is integrated with our ticketing and issue-tracking system so that the customer can submit, track and follow-up on issues and escalations.

Depending on the contract type, Flow Pilots offers strict service levels on issue registration, time to action and time to work-around. Our helpdesk is staffed with local experts, who have in-depth knowledge on mobile and on the customer’s application.